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About Us

INKAMODA: an example of how family love can impact the lives of so many, and change their futures.

INKAMODA invites us to reconnect with our origins, with nature, and with its wisdom through ancestral arts. The brand was founded on the pillars of respect for native people, animals, nature and Andean traditions.

INKAMODA, together with artisans, alpaca breeding communities, and weavers, began working to preserve the skills, knowledge, and traditions of the inhabitants of the area. Although ancestral arts are considered cultural heritage of humanity, their existence in today's world is extremely fragile and they are always in danger of extinction.

With the aim of generating a profound and long-term impact, we worked to unite and revalue local techniques and talents to create a sustainable fashion.  Our mission is to solve the problems faced by artisans and producers of natural fibers that inhabit Cusco and the Andes, and create an alternative and sustainable model for the fashion and fabric industry.

Our Story

We are a sustainable luxury brand, which provides the transparency of the production and marketing of garments based on alpaca fiber. We are located in Cusco Peru, near Machupicchu; one of the wonders of the world. Inca textile art is one of the oldest textile traditions of the Andes. It became one of the most developed art and textile styles during the Inca apogee, due to the use of different materials and techniques.

We empower women through sustainable fashion, and provide them training and job opportunities so they can produce beautiful alpaca products with high standards to sell in international markets. We rescue ancient techniques from Inca culture like natural dyes and special weaving techniques.

Ethical and sustainable fashion

The vision that inspired the creation of INKAMODA is to make fashion a source of happiness and well-being for those who produce it and for those who consume it.

Our commitment is to work to create sustainable and ethical fashion, creating a system of social responsibility where each part of the value chain can participate and grow.

The weavers and communities we work with keep the ancestral traditions of the Andes alive in modern time.

INKAMODA helps them grow, preserve, and transmit the passion for this natural treasure.

Know that each piece is Eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials that are developed using a sustainable process in an environment of harmony, love and respect.


In the time of the Incas, royalty considered garments made of alpaca fiber to be their most precious and valuable.  The reason for this is alpaca fiber's characteristics of being soft, warm, lightweight, breathable, durable, sustainable and one of the finest fibers in the world. Alpaca fiber thermal regulates and keeps your body at its natural temperature.


Many women in these Andean communities are living in poverty; and they have very low self-esteem. INKAMODA provides training and fair wages for these women, and they use their earnings to improve the quality of life for their families and communities. We promote initiatives that strengthen women's capacities to achieve these skills autonomously.

We enable them to become perseverant warrior women who become our suppliers and main allies, and teach them to portray, in each garment, the story behind the label. 

Since its creation, INKAMODA has created alliances with the best artisans in the Andes, and has established a direct collaboration with each of the local communities. Thanks to this holistic approach and without intermediaries, the Andean communities with which they work have grown their production capacity, generated better income and contributed to their economic and human development. This has given them pride and courage for what they do.

INKAMODA works toward the sensitization of society for a sustainable development of the artisans we work with. We strive to raise awareness about conscious dress and increase the demand for ethical fashion worldwide.


INKAMODA collaborates with artisans who work with respect, passion, and who transmit in each garment their ancestral skill. When you make the conscious decision to wear INKAMODA clothing, you are choosing to respect nature and take a step towards a more sustainable life and to foster the economic and cultural development of the precious Andean communities.