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Sustainable Fashion

INKAMODA: an example of how family love can impact the lives of so many, and change their futures.

INKAMODA invites us to reconnect with our origins, with nature, and with its wisdom through ancestral arts. The brand was founded on the pillars of respect for native people, animals, nature and Andean traditions.

INKAMODA, together with artisans, alpaca breeding communities, and weavers, began working to preserve the skills, knowledge, and traditions of the inhabitants of the area. Although ancestral arts are considered cultural heritage of humanity, their existence in today's world is extremely fragile and they are always in danger of extinction.

With the aim of generating a profound and long-term impact, we worked to unite and revalue local techniques and talents to create a sustainable fashion.  Our mission is to solve the problems faced by artisans and producers of natural fibers that inhabit Cusco and the Andes, and create an alternative and sustainable model for the fashion and fabric industry.