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Change Policy


For the purposes of this policy, change is understood as a request made by the client, which aims to change a product for another of the INKAMODA brand.

Internal problems: Quality claim, for which the client must make a formal request via email

The client will have 05 business days from the delivery of the product, to generate a claim. First we will request precise images of the defect itself, these are passed to the quality area for evaluation, once accepted, the Company will indicate the method of product change. 

External problems: Change of the product by size or color subject to inventory availability at the time of the change (changes can only be made for products with a value equal to or greater than the original, in case it is higher, the customer must pay the difference) It should be noted that the client will assume the freight charges of the return for exchange.

The changes will be viable as long as it is ensured that:

  • Present physical sales ticket.
  • The product has been purchased through the INKAMODA website.
  • The product is in optimal conditions, without traces of having been used.
  • It has the original packaging and labels.
  • Show no signs of wear or damage.
  • The Company will not make any payment in cash or for balances in favor of the client.

No refunds.